Pompous Asshole and a Wizard


“Call me ‘The Seal’.”

Arrogant and self-assured asshole with an interest in the Caillech Symbol. Has tried to influence our heroes to turn down the job Lady C offered them, including offering them obscene amounts of money to do so. Has been reputed to be well-versed in the magical arts, including Dominating Katja, the Coughing Up Cats enforcer. May (or may not) be from Antellus, as he told the heroes to look for him at the embassy, but Papa claims they have never heard of him.

Seal is apparently a Wizard, and after threatening the party (and nearly being shivved to death) escaped by turning into a bat and flying away. Hopefully you’ve heard the last of him.

Unsurprisingly, you hadn’t.
He participated in an ambush when you tried to recover the Seal from where Lady C had hidden it. Despite some initial success at bending the party’s will to his own, he ended up being cut down and literally cut to pieces by Leo.


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