Gang Leader


Sawtooth is a huge monstrosity of a creature (think a Gator version of a minotaur) that runs the Sawtooth’s Bunch gang in Valenci. Despite his savage appearance, he is a highly intelligent and dangerous foe, and has kept his crew in a position of power for several years now, despite stiff resistance from other gangs. Sawtooth maintains a reputation for remaining loyal to bargains he has made, ruthless pragmatism, and stubborn willingness to see any job he takes through to the end. This reputation has earned him the gruging respect of many, including more than a few Guilds, which use his gang as hired muscle.

Sawtooth is apparently an urban druid, a rarity to say the least.

He has agreed to help the PCs find a way into Averton District, and offered them some advice on surviving in the Eater’s territory.


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