Sal Ormin

Grand Chancellor of Korpesh


Current Grand Chancellor of Korpesh. Has held the position since Hator I’s reign, and effectively ran the country as Hator began to lose touch with reality. He wields a great deal of influence, and has not given any of it up to the new Monarch without a fight.

A recent (and very awkward) meeting with the Grand Chancellor has revealed a few things. He is apparently plotting a coup, supposedly to reduce the bloodshed that Argon III’s increasing insanity will bring, but in reality because he craves power. Even more concerning is the fact that he seems to be under the control of something subtle, something smelling of tar, just like Harrik’s little gift.

He swore that the heroes would never meet the King in time if they declined his offer, and has thus far lived up to that, spinning the King’s plans to pick up the heroes for questioning as another blackbagging of Kalbs, and whipping the SubHuman rebels up into a frenzy and getting them to ‘rescue’ them.

It remains to be seen what other moves he is willing to make in his mysterious controllers interest, but one thing is known- Varus peered into his future and saw ever single path leading to a scene blood in the gutter and the scent of tar.

Was assassinated while trying to spark a riot in the wake of Paulus losing the Jester elections. A single blow severed his spine.

Aisling has revealed, through divination, that Sal Ormin was behind the murder of Duke Fla, the particulars that pointed at you serving as a message about your role in his plan, whether you were willing participants or not.

Sal Ormin

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