Paul-Henri Mann

Mann High Court Representative


Paul-Henri Mann is the High Court representative for the Duchy of Mann. Lord Riché Mann attends Court as well, but as he is Lord Admiral, he usually attends as thus. Paul-Henri is foppish, arrogant and ruthlessly clever.

Paul-Henri is one of Duke Mann’s son-in-laws, and is married to his second daughter, Daleena. Despite this (or maybe because of it) Paul-Henri and the Duke do not seem to see eye to eye, and Paul-Henri is rumored to be making moves without the Duke’s express permission recently.

Pierre-Henri is the father of Corinne Therese Mann, the young girl whohas grown up to become Cinnamon. His role in her current state remains unclear.

According to Daleena, the Duke’s reaction to Corinne/Cinnamon’s infection with the virus was to begin a spiral of hateful violence and spite that continues to this day. She has cautioned against meeting him.

She seemed wistful for him in his youth, when he was apparently a poet of notably bad talent, but great determination, enthusiasm, and panache.

Paul-Henri Mann

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