Retired Jester of Korpesh


Jester under Argon III, and Hator I before him. Became the Jester roughly 12 years ago, and had little actual involvement with Hator due to the Monarch’s erratic behavior. Rumored to have ties with The Foamers, and have become quite rich off of providing them with the information they needed to avoid Korpesh’s import taxes.

Rumors that he is planning on retiring have been all but confirmed at this point, as the Guilds and various entertainment organizations are beginning to groom possible candidates and circle each other politically. The public, on the other hand, is eagerly anticipating the festivities and performances that accompany a Jester’s appointment.

Mayhew is both a) so totally done with this politics thing and b) apparently uses alter self as make-up, and is much older than he usually appears. Ahh, vanity.

now that Laemorius has won the Jester Competition, Mayhew should be stepping down any day.


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