Lord Riché Mann

Lord Admiral of Korpesh, Duke of Mann


Lord Riché Mann, who currently serves as Lord Admiral of Korpesh’s naval and air-based forces, is also Duke of the coastal province of Mann. Like his counterpart, the Lord General, he is one of the old guard, although he was actually one of Hator I‘s most hated enemies. The Duke had long railed against Hator’s increasingly despotic ways (and taxes), and eventually organized a rebellion attempting to reject Hator’s rule and break away from the rest of Korpesh. The rebellion was swiftly and harshly put down, and of the ringleaders only the Duke emerged unscathed, and on the wrong side, to boot. This has led to much speculation that it was all an elaborate set-up to flush out Korpesh’s real enemies, but the Duke isn’t talking.

Lord Mann has three daughters, Cosette, Daleena, and Luce.

Cosette is his heir.

Corinne Mann, daughter of Paul-Henri and Daleena, grew to become Cinnamon. When her infection with Takara’s Virus became clear, around age 2, he attempted to have her killed. Daleena and Paul-Henri intervened, arranging for her to be fostered in the Big House instead. Duke Mann was apparently satisfied and forgot about it, but when she returned to his attention he is still as eager to remove the ‘blot’ from the family.

Lord Riché Mann

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