Lord Markov Kalb

Duke of Province of Kalb


Markov Kalb serves as the Duke of Kalb, the Province that Valenci resides in. This fortunate circumstance makes Markov one of the most powerful Nobles in Korpesh. A regular at court, he serves as the de facto speaker for the more conservative, reactionary Nobles. Very (some would say obscenely) wealthy. The Dukes of Kalb have long been engaged in a power struggle with the Lord Mayor of Valenci over who has the authority to control and tax the significant revenue of the city. While the Dukes of Kalb have historically won, the Guilds have increasingly begun getting involved, seeing it as an opportunity to check the power of their biggest rivals.

Lord Kalb has three sons: Ivan, Fyodor and Vasily.

Lord Kalb recently established the PC Kalb’s branch of the family in their customary position and agreed to foster his youngest, Vasily, with them. This is a large reversal from being on the outs, and is obviously the result of some behind the scenes politics.

A recent conversation with the Duke has led to some revelations, perhaps the most surprising of which is how much he seems to care for Vasily. His condition obviously weighs heavily on him, and he holds the King personally responsible for it.

He has all but stated that at this point he would prefer war over peace, but has agreed to give our heroes 6 days to try and either smooth things over or remove the manipulating force(s?).

Lord Markov Kalb

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