Lord Hlar Fla

Deceased Duke of Fla


Current Duke of Fla, a direct descendant from the original rulers of Fla, back before it was conquered by Korpesh. Lord Fla is an aged man, and the harsh climate of Fla is not treating his illness kindly. He has rejected repeated requests from his daughter and heir, Thiele Fla, to move to a more hospitable climate, declaring instead that he would prefer to die in Fla, just as he was born.

Duke Fla was recently found dead, killed in an almost ritualistic fashion. He was stabbed through the heart one, his head was cut off, his face was bashed in, he was chewed on by animals, and singed. You aren’t sure if this is a warning, message, or frame job, but it definitely is related to you.

So far you have no clue what brought the Duke down out of the mountains of Fla, where he had refused to leave for years before.

Apparently, Sal Ormin, the now deceased Grand Chancellor, killed Duke Fla in an effort to further the descent towards civil war. Your apparent involvement was designed as a message to you about serving your role in his plans, regardless of whether you were willing or not.
Since he is dead, this might all be a moot point now…

Lord Hlar Fla

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