Lillian Da'al

Former High Necromancer


Lillian Da’al is a name not many know. To most of the members of Caillech’s church she is addressed as Mistress, and to most of her flock she is simply the High Necromancer. She is Risen, one of the undead returned by Caillech’s grace. She has been in the church for over 60 years at this point, serving as High Necromancer for 27 of those, guiding the church and it’s faithful from Caillech sprawling home in the Graveyard District.

Quiet, kind, and almost radiating an aura of peace, she embodies the welcoming arms of her Goddess, leaving the mischievous side to other acolytes.

She was very concerned about the news you brought back from the slag, specifically about the warning scribbled in the scorched street and Annalisse, the dancing elf. According to her, only the Gods themselves are unknowable.

Also recently cooperated with Solus Darr to create compliments to Caillech’s graveyard guardians, dogs that can apparently smell Wizardly magic.

Lillian very recently returned to Caillech. Her final moments were spent looking at Chip, and then telling the party the Devlin might not be a member of the Godsmen anymore. She seemed to know her end was coming, and asked the party to watch after Elysse for her.

She will be missed.

Lillian Da'al

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