Lenna Xarx

Minor Noble and Secret Police Member


Lenna Xarx is a constant sight at Lower Court, where she serves as social secretary for her higher ranked cousin, Ruption Xarx. The Xarx are a minor noble house, vassals of the Kalbs. She is known for her perfect recall of individuals and their social standing, as well as being a stickler for the exact correct honorifics associated with every step of communicating with such an individual.

More interesting than this, however, is the fact that she is apparently a member of the King’s secret police, a group the party has taken to calling the Black Cloaks. She brings the same perfect recall and attention to detail to her job, and remains as polite and business-like as she is in her ‘day job’.

She is the highest ranking member of this here-to-fore unknown group that the party has met so far. That they know of, anyway.

Lenna Xarx

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