Lady Oleana Zeitgast

Duchess of Zeitgast, Korpesh


The young Duchess of Zeitgast has little interest in her home province, and is seldom seen outside of Valenci. In fact, she has not returned home to her native province since ascending to the ducal seat 3 years ago. Fashionable and with a force of personality to be rekoned with, she is known for throwing extravagent and often scandalous parties, some lasting a week or longer of non-stop decadence. Despite her obvious intelligence and charisma, she seems interested in little else but social pursuits.

Her parties have recently taken an odd, possibly sinister turn. The current shindig has been going on for over 3 weeks, a record even for her, but more alarming is the fact that no one seems to leave the party. Even more concerning are reports connecting the Roving Party to this latest party, specifically that they are kidnapping people and depositing them at the party.
What this all means or what it is connected to remains to be seen.

Duchess Zeitgast is apparently a Godtouched of Jinen, possibly one of only in Seken. Her epic parties were acts of devotion dedicated to Jinen.

The corruption of her party has had a significant physical effect on the Duchess. She is down to roughly 70 pounds, and it appears as though her body is eating itself from the inside out. While she is aiding in the party’s plan to put an end to the floating market, it is obvious that she does not expect to live through this.

Lady Oleana Zeitgast

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