Lady Iness Carborn

Lord General of Korpesh's Armies


A member of the Carborn Noble family, Lady Iness was appointed by Hator I late in his career, and continues to serve under Argon III. She rarely leaves the capital, which while not overly necissary, as Korpesh is not as war, is a far cry from previous title-holders. She is said to be one of the best swordsmen in all of Korpesh, and she can be found nearly every morning in the training room of the Castle Guard barracks.

Younger sister of Lady Damori Carborn, current Duchess of Carborn, though the two do no get along or correspond much these days. The exact nature of their feud is the source of much speculation, with the most popular theories being that their falling out is over the Ducal seat, or over the heart of some unspecified man. Neither sister comments on the speculation publicly.

Lady Iness Carborn

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