Lady C

An Alchemist and your Occasional Benefactor


You know only a bit about Lady C, aside from the obvious. She speaks with a Vellucian accent, has large amounts of resources, including magic and mundane items, and exhibits grace and panache even when under stress. She has indicated she is an alchemist of some skill. What this means exactly is a matter of debate. She seems able to produce magical effects with potions, unguents, and other materials, but she claims that Alchemy is “Magic not of the Divine.” In a world where all magic is of the Divine, arguably even that which is stolen away by the Wizards, that is…an odd claim.

She hired you to recover the capstone and return it to it’s previous place. The fracturing of it has caused her some concern, as it needs to be bound together with magic not of divine origin and will need a will to watch over it. Lillian Da’al gave her the Capstones without question, having apparently recognized her from a message from Caillech.

She apparently works for The Golden Eye, casting doubt on whether that group is as laughable as once believed.

Lady C recently had her lab in the basement of the Golden Eye guildhouse destroyed by guards wearing uniforms of Aisling’s temple guards. Why is still not known.

Even more recently she is in critical condition after trying to keep the Capstone stable by giving her own energy during an attack by Wizards (including Seal). The Wizards, especially the unknown female, mocked her for failing to protect the Seal and hinting at another attack on the city. She also called her “Cedalare.”
Cedalare is the name of the first ship to circumnavigate Seken. This is a fairly common Vellucian name, so you do not know if this is actually her name, or a pseudonym.

Having recovered from her illness thanks to Vikon’s priests and a large loan from Harrik, she has been placed under the same Gaes as the rest of the party in regards to the mission in the Undercity.

She has had sparks with Varus, mostly because of his association with the church of Aisling, which she seems to have distaste for. Whether this distaste stems from the destruction of her lab or from some other source you don’t know.

Well, you have now seen Lady C flustered. Apparently she can make everything except shit-covered smocks look good.

She has once again given some of her life force to stop a Wizard’s power, again at great cost to herself. She stopped Paulus from causing some sort of mass disintegration of life, but suffered extensive internal bleeding as a result.

It has recently come to light that Lady C is a Wizard herself, but a Wizard in the manner in which Uistean originally planned for. She gathers ambient magic from the world and uses it to enchant her potions to perform feats. She is part of a very small group of responsible practitioners of this type of magic who attempt to use their powers to stop the wanton power-grabs of the Wizards due to the great harm they cause Seken.
She has stated that she does not teach this much because few people have the talent, and fewer still have the responsibility, patience, and self-sacrifice required to practice this form of magic without causing harm.

Lady C

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