Ivan Kalb

Heir to the Kalb Duchy


Ivan Kalb is the Heir to the Kalb Duchy, and the eldest son of Lord Markov Kalb. Ivan is a tall, dark-haired 23 year old who would be handsome if it wasnt for the sneer that constantly calls his face home (though many young ladies dont seem to mind). He is intelligent, well-educated, and supremely confident in his abilities.

While his father shares many of the same characteristics, he sincerely hopes to be able to give his son at least the appearance of humility before passing the throne on to him. As such, Ivan has been given several of the families recent problems to deal with, both to give him a taste of ruling and to some him that not everything can (or should) be dealt with in a sneering, straight-forward manner. Ivan is most often found in the company of his brother, Fyodor, and the two of them do an excellent good cop/bad cop routine.

Has recently had a falling out with Fyodor, but as the two elder heirs have been black-bagged (apparently by the King), how much that matters remains to be seen.

Ivan Kalb

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