Pit Boss at the Big House


Harrik is so short and squat (he stands under 5 feet tall) that most folks assume he is a dwarf rather than the human he is. He has a tendency to scowl when not speaking to anyone directly, but has a silver tongue that any courtier would envy.

Most of the visitors to the Big House take Harrik (and those like him) for granted, but he is vital for the running of the operation, and has a reputation for being a fair and even-handed, if somewhat unforgiving, boss.

Harrik seems to have increased in importance since the attack on the Ssama/Thieves Guild conference at the Big House. He was once just in charge of the prostitution within the Big House, but now serves as organizer and middle-man for the flurry of activity that surrounds the Big House since that day. He is the highest ranking member of Ssama that you have met. The downside of this rise in status seems to be that Harrik developed a drug problem, uppers to be specific.

It appears that someone exploited this problem, leaving a wax sealed black vial under his bed, which seems to have enchanted Harrik if a great deal of divine Chaos magic and occasional illusion figments. This prevented him from sleeping, and was enough to drive him somewhat mad.

You have recently managed to remove this curse from him (with the help of the priests of Benjiro, and he seems much better now.

Harrik has agreed to help save the city from the devastation the missing capstone represents (or has at least acknowledged it would cost more money not to fix) and has pledged aid, primarily in the form of Cinnamon and Bastion.

He is now Alice’s default boss as well, as she is on loan from the Mayagami Society, as part of the power-sharing deal brokered by the Seers of Aisling after the removal of the wizard-controlled Paulus.

Aside from the Risen (and even that might not be a sure thing, given you usually talked to Lillian), Harrik is the only other person the party has told about, well…pretty much everything. His reaction is usually to drink and offer help in whatever way you think is best, since pretty much everything you guys stumble across is bad for business.


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