Fyodor Kalb

Middle son of the Kalb family


Fyodor is the middle son of Lord Markov Kalb. Fyodor is 22, only a year younger than Ivan Kalb, and the two are very close. Like Ivan, Fyodor has been well-educated and has recently been given more responsibility in terms of running the family business and solving some of the problems that crop up. Where Ivan is openly self-confident (bordering on contemptuous), Fyodor is much more subtle. He has mastered the courtly polite blank face, but this facade holds a wicked sense of humor and callous disregard for life.

The party discovered not long ago that the Big House insisted that Fyodor pay for a Resurrection (not Raise Dead) in advance anytime he hired one of their prostitute’s services for the evening. Apparently his disregard for life goes far beyond the casual cruelty that has been openly seen.

Has recently had a falling out with Ivan, but as the two elder heirs have been black-bagged (apparently by the King), how much that matters remains to be seen. He was also publicly denounced as a Razer immediately before his arrest.

When Leo mentioned his intention to hunt Fyodor, the Avatar of Har-Tam told him that he should hurry, as others are already walking that path. Leo has recently stepped up the search for Fyodor.

Varus’ weird ecstatic writing has revealed that Fyodor is a priest of Kreegan, the God of Fanatics. It suddenly makes sense by Ivan trusted Fyodor implicitly- Fyodor’s divine calling was to support his brother. At least, it was, up until the point Ivan did something to break that. Fyodor managed to escape the King’s custody, mostly by calling on Kreegan to cast a travel spell and vanish into Valenci.

Somehow during his absence, Fyodor ended up with a piece of the Builder’s soul in him. He was killed in a fight in the sewers (which you have a sneaking suspicion he wanted), and the piece was transferred to Leo.

Fyodor Kalb

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