High Necromancer of Caillech and her newest Risen


Elysse is a bubbly and flighty Necromancer that helped stop the ‘Death Emergency!’ Recently became Caillch’s newest Risen and helped drive away Kemotin during the attack.

She seems to embody Caillech’s odd sense of humor and flighty side.

Since becoming a Risen, she is covered in light blue runic symbols, which change intensity and shades slightly as her mood changes. Despite having just recently awoken from the coma that usually accompanies a new Risen, she seems to have taken to her new form easily, though she does lament the lack of taste buds from time to time.

Elysse is prone to visions in her new state. She has fugue states where she draws enormous murals, apparently of the destruction of old Valenci, and Farsk’s stand against Macha.

Elysse recently aided in finding the Architect (Virginia), by tying their souls together and following the link into the bowels of the Builder’s lair.

You recently discovered that despite her bubbly nature, Elysse is tied to the aspect of Caillech known as She Who Stares Into The Void. Even more recently Elysse has been named High Necromancer of the followers of Caillech in Valenci. This position is usually as a result of clear favor shown by Caillech, so the exact details of how she (quite suddenly) came to be High Necromancer are a bit unclear. One thing is certain, however; this will be a very strange tenure.


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