A Priest of Uistean


A curious, absent-minded, and knowledgeable (if somewhat socially awkward) priest of Uistean, hoping to become a full-fledged Scribe. He is currently deeply involved in his studies for the upcoming test (after failing it the first time), but seems willing to take the time to help you out, as long as the questions are interesting and you don’t mind a bit of rambling. Provided you with the map of the old city of Valenci, as well as many of the scant details you managed to dig up about what to expect.

An expert in Korpeshian history.

Damon passed his Scribe tests on the 4th time, becoming a full-fledged member of Uistean’s church. He is still waiting for his assignment, spending most of his time working in the genealogical records in church’s library.

he recently assisted the party in discovering references to the Dollmaker scattered throughout the history of Korpesh.



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