Daleena Mann

Lord Mann's middle daughter


Lord Mann’s middle daughter, married to Paul-Henri and the mother of Corinne Therese Mann, the young girl who in all likelyhood has grown up to become Cinnamon. Not much else is known about her, or why she gave up Corinne and erased her from Mann’s records.

Having met her, Daleena seems to feel guilt about placing her daughter Corinne/Cinnamon in the Big House, but asserts that she was trying to save her life, and would do the same thing again. This did not stop her from feeling obviously guilty about it, however.

She asked the party to not obviously contact her again, especially not through proper channels, asking instead that contact be made more subtly. She gave the reason for this as Duke Mann, stating that she went through some effort to make him forget her daughter, and the missives riled him up again.

Daleena Mann

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