A Vengeful Risen


Cohm is a Risen, representing the very rare aspect of Vengence within Caillech. He glows faintly red from the entirety of his body, in addition to the points of light in his eyesockets. This glow does not come from glyphs, as in some Risen (like Elysse), but rather his bones themselves softly glow. His coloration is unusual, as most Risen are in the blue/purple spectrum.
He has great physically power, despite being only bones, and has demonstrated that he has more than passing knowledge with magics as well.

While he has shown no interest in becoming High Necromancer, he has taken it upon himself to protect the Temple of Caillech from the Corrupt of Devlin and the Skin Thieves.

Cohm has earned the respect of many of the Skin Thieves (now thrown into protecting the Temple from the Corrupted of Devlin). He has also shown some odd abilities, including the being able to lend strength to those he marks with a sigil, knowing when an attack is coming, and being able to sense Nurgle’s approach despite the Skin Thief’s stealth.


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