Disdainful Magical Cat (and tiny God)


Cinnamon’s…well, pet is really too strong a word. Sometimes companion?

Chip is obviously intelligent, and is surprisingly expressive about his like or dislike for current events and plans. He rides around on her shoulder and is very, very cat-like.

Also, apparently magical, but with no school/type. Wacky!

Chip was gained after Cinnamon underwent a vision quest that involved a talking cat. When she woke up, Chip was napping on her chest. She took it as a sign and adopted him on the spot. Because of this, however, Cinnamon is convinced that at some point Chip is going to speak to her.

The party has recently gained the companionship of a living shadow. Apparently, shadows seize on their first memory and that defines what form they will have. Cinnamon shared a memory of Chip running towards her, helping to form Big Brother Chip. Chip and BBC have not met each other yet, though there is much speculation about how they might get along.
Bets are on much hissing and arched backs.

Varus looked into Chip’s future and saw…potential. Raw, almost completely neutral potential. He described it as a room swept clean with all the types of magic waiting there, like sands, for the creation of a mandala. Chip seems to have been created by a God, almost definitely Gijustsu, that did not want their hand or preconceptions to cloud the possibilities that proto-Chip could create. What exactly this means is…confusing.

Cinnamon recalled that in the vision quest where she first met Chip, he told her he was waiting for an answer to what she wanted to be. When she told him she was ready, he spoke, saying “About damn time.” and head-bonked her.

Chip is actually just the most recent form of a pseudo-God, a Watcher, present on Seken to witness important events. His current target is Ivraham, and he is waiting for him to make some sort of choice. He was created by Gijutsu to be changeable, a being of near perfect potential, so that he could fit into the lives and locations he needed to watch. He also had some very interesting things to say about a number of things. The most alarming is that Wizards were apparently a creation of the Gods, specifically Uistean. He was attempting to drain some of the excess magic from the world, left there by the Godswar. It obviously backfired badly.

Now that Ivraham has resolved to make a decision, Chip’s time is drawing to a close. In fact, he was absent from Cinnamon for the first extended period of time in memory the day after Ivraham entered seclusion, and only showed up to comfort her when she was distraught. Whatever he was sent to witness, it is nearly here.

Chip recently spoke through Elysse’s drawing of him, offering a bit of wit and humor to Cinnamon, and telling the party that what he was sent to witness is nearly complete, and that he has begun to diffuse.



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