Big Brother Chip

A Shadow given personality


Big Brother Chip is a a living shadow, one of the Sequestered from Lady Zeitgast’s unfortunate party/floating market. When you first met it, it was relatively…well, dumb, and had no real personality to speak of. In return for not reporting what it had overheard while in the room where the party was finally reunited, it was given three memories. Cinnamon managed to pass these memories on to it using her poorly understood Psionics.

The memories given it were of Chip running towards Cinnamon, of Leo adoringly following around his big brother Byron as a child, and of Alice performing an act with her first love.

These memories seem to have formed both the physical form and personality of the creature that now calls itself Big Brother Chip. It has taken the form of a small, vaguely cat-shaped shadow. It seems to desperately want to run after the party, specifically Byron, and is significantly more loquacious.

Sadly, he has given up his physical form in order to peer into Seken from the other side to try and see where Ivraham is, as he was currently under attack by other living shadows.

It remains to be seen if he can make his way back to Seken from wherever the ‘dim reflection’ that the Sequestered call home. It seems likely, given that the hero spent 3 freaking hero points on him!

Big Brother Chip (Or Shadow Brother, as some have taken to calling him) has returned! He struggled his way back into reality to warn the party about the impending attack by Kumori, the Duchess of Shadows’ enforcer.

He has recently been sticking very close to Alice, and is acting skittish. When asked about it, he spoke of everything being ‘dark, but not in shadow.’ Unfortunately, the party did not have time to look into this in depth at the time.


Big Brother Chip

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