Argon III

King of Korpesh


A young and inexperienced ruler. Though he means well, he is frequently led astray by his self-serving and often immoral advisors, or steam-rolled over by the Nobility or Guilds. A nephew of the old king, Hator I, he ascended the throne without incident, but despite his obvious good intentions he seems mired down, unable to overcome tradition and the machinations of his uncle’s old guard.

Argon is constantly accompanied by Klaus, and often has long, one-sided conversations with him. This has led to the growing belief that Argon is infected with the same mental deficiencies that Hator I suffered from, and has led to a great deal of discontent in Korpesh.

Although soft-spoken (with an odd lilting, almost sing-song tone) and spacey, he seems much more sure of his power than most people were led to believe, including arresting most of the Kalb noble family at one point.

The King is being at least partially controlled by forces, including the Builder, though he is also occasionally pretending to be controlled in order to maintain some degree of freedom. This makes his even more spacey and strangely bloodthirsty demeanor somewhat easier to swallow, but it is still pretty not good. He did have enough control over himself to save your lives and ask your help in removing the Builder.

Varus had the following vision about the King:
He is in/on a hobby horse, wearing clothes and a crown that is comically too large for him. His arms are being pulled in either direction by figures you can’t quite make out. The King repeated urges the horse onwards, but all progress is being checked by some force tugging on the horse’s tail. The more the various forces yank on the King, the more sallow-looking and slack-jawed he becomes.

You are fairly certain that one of the figures yanking at the King is the Builder, but you don’t know the other two.

Argon III

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