Anton Carborn

A rambunctious young swordsman


Carborn cousin, 16, younger brother of Will Carborn, childhood friend of Leo Kalb. In Noble Musters. Anton is skilled (and he knows it), high-spirited, brash and loyal to those who have earned his respect.

He had apparently joined up with the Roving Party and been dropped off at Lady Oleana Zeitgast’s massive party nearly a week ago, and hasn’t come out since.

Anton has been found, but things did not go well for him in the party. He ran afoul of the Self, Unchained who apparently basically disassembled him for parts. The Balanced Scale purchased enough of him to wave in Leo’s face, but much of him remains in the possession of the Self, Unchained. Ivraham and Cinnamon were unable to use their talents to complete Anton. You have enlisted the help of the Knight of the Word, a member of the Scrivners, to ‘restore the tapestry’ (whatever that means). Hopefully, he can do something.

The Knight was able to put most of Anton back together, and he seems to be mostly back to his old self. Yay!

Anton Carborn

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