Undead Elf, animated by and conduit for Macha's 'music'


Some of you first met Annalisse in the crater in the Undercity, where she swayed and danced to a music no one else could here on the platform in the center. Her arm had been worn down to the bone by her frantic attempts to scratch a warning into the very stone. The warning:

“Despair! The Unknowable has made a home in our hearts and our heads, and there is naught to do but flee.”

She did not seem to realize that she was dead, but was aware enough to urge the PCs to not linger, as they were in danger from the song.

Months later, she emerged into the Graveyard District, accompanied by the Skin Thieves. This time, the music was audible to all who got too close to her. No, audible is not the correct word, as it played inside the heads of those that heard it. Those that got too close found themselves compelled to complete violence the next time they slept. The PCs managed to put her into a coma/briefly remove the animating song from her by Deafening her, which caused her to collapse.

Conversations with Nurgle and the Skin Thieves after this revealed that Annalisse is The Hand that guides their actions. Occasionally, she speaks with The Voice, which they know to originate from another source, but come from her. Indeed, when Macha (the source of The Voice) attempted to speak directly to the Skin Thieves, it sounded ‘wrong’. Nurgle also spoke of The Builder attaching a piece of his soul to Annalisse. he claims to have removed it from The Builder’s control, but is eager to have to excised from The Hand. This desire is what lead him to agree to her imprisonment by the Necromancers, while they research how to safely remove a portion of the soul. The Skin Thieves feel compelled to rescue Annalisse, however, and many have given into the compulsion, driving them mad. The Skin Thieves have made it clear they will not tolerate her destruction, and Caillech’s faithful are disinclined to allow an undead to continue to exist. How long this fragile peace can last is anyone’s guess.

Her exact relationship with Macha is difficult to nail down. She does not seem to be a Godtouched, at least not in the conventional sense, as she seems to have come under Macha’s influence at the moment of her death. She is clearly tied to Macha, being animated by her influence and intermittently serving as a conduit for communications for her, but details remain sketchy.

Comparison of the song that was heard coming from Annalisse and that which is emanating weakly from the now burning disintegration spot the Sickers found shows they are very similar songs. It has been speculated that she was being lead through the city to this spot, spread destruction as she went.

Finally, there is a prophecy given to Varus by Aisling. It says “The Song cannot be silenced for long, but The Hand bears no malice.”

What this means for her future, and whether she is too dangerous to let live has been the subject of great debate.


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