An Ex- Hostess, and another of The Builder's toys


a beautiful but slightly off hostess for The Builder. Dresses elegantly, but has a leather body suit sewn onto her right side, which was revealed to be compressing a arm of giant size and strength. She seems very ashamed of this feature. Pleasant and out-going, she seems vastly out of place in The Builder’s workshop.

Andrea serves the Builder out of a sense of loyalty/paying off a debt. Apparently, she was dying and he saved her life, which he accomplished but which resulted in her current physical oddities. The Builder has taken advantage of this loyalty by refusing to release her from her agreement to serve until her debt is paid off.

Andrea recently approached you and offered to help fix Jinko, saying that “[The Builder’s creations] all need to stick together, because no one else will watch out for us.” She did manage to accomplish this goal (with elemental aid from Varus, who promptly went and offended her), and seems to have won Jinko somewhat-grudging loyalty for it.

After it was discovered the Builder killed the Architect (Virginia) while she was there under hospitality, Andrea has quit the Builder’s service. She has announced her intention to help those harmed by the Builder, and left. She did tell the party she would be reachable, if she is needed.



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