A Magically Skilled Risen


This blue-tinged Risen has been aiding you in the plan to excise The Builder’s soul fragment from Annalisse. They are far more androgynous than many other Risen, wearing flowing robes and far more jewelry than most others you have met. In addition to whatever insight become a Risen gives into the nature of death and Caillech’s intentions, this Risen seems to be quite skilled at the magical arts. They also seem cautious, indicating that they are unwilling to rush a procedure that could result in harm to a soul.

Jesse was strongly against the continued existence of Annalisse, repeatedly referring to her as the Abomination. Despite this, she stated she was willing to accept the judgement of the other Risen, assuming Caillech did not express herself otherwise. The party is waiting nervously to see if she will take action to destroy Annalisse or not.


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