Alexei Kalb

A Troublemaking Kalb with ties to Valecni's underworld


Kalb cousin (though closer to the main branch of the family than Leo), 17, cousin and friend of Leo Kalb, in noble muster with him. Alexei, while laid-back, is both more responsible than Leo and more experienced at covering his tracks. Leo’s parents (benignly unaware of the track-covering) hope that Alexei will be a positive influence on him.

Ambitious but smart enough to stay careful, Alexei’s keen mind and fast blade have won him a moderately influencial place in the noble musters despite his young age.

Alexei has recently ben encouraging Vasily Kalb to join the Muster, and has been bending Lord Markov’s ear to allow it.

Alexei was injured in the fight at the Big House, and while his wounds initially appeared slight, his attackers apparently used poison. He is currently receiving ongoing treatment for the poison, which has caused a blight to spread across his face, discoloring one eye. The poison appears to be a weaker version of the one Torvik is suffering from, and appears to simulate Takara’s virus at a rapid pace and apparently severs the target’s soul from the Divine. While the spread has been slowed, it is still ongoing.

Alexei Kalb

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