Raisa's Confession, Vol. II

Great Lord Akhlut,

I’m close, so close, to Your goal. I have been enjoying these days spent in the cold and windy darkness, but I have always kept Your purpose in sight. I have kept urging the group to press on so that we may reach the old temple of Cailleach and restore the symbol that You sent to me in Your great wisdom.

We’ve faced many things down here: a being of darkness that took control of people and let them to their deaths, a man who sewed guards’ skins together, a trash golem, a maze in the air that drives people mad, and just now a horde of Skin Thieves led by a particularly large one. But we have persevered, and now we all stand, finally, outside the temple of Cailleach.

I don’t know what we’ll find in there. Our difficulties are not over. But armed with my faith in You, I know I will complete the task You have sent me. I will return the symbol to its place in Cailleach’s temple in Your name, that she may know a service has been done for her. May it help convince her to perform that urgent task You wish accomplished.

Your humble servant,




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