Byron's View: A Fine Victory Luncheon

Or, the end is nigh.

Once the Wizards softened the Eater up, I managed to get the fatal blow in on him. The Referees conferred amongst himself and decided in my favor, as was only correct. In order to distract the Wizards from moving on, I proposed to the Referee that there should be some sort of Ceremony followed by a celebration. He agreed and there was a medal ceremony followed by lemonade and cake. a large number of Gelt were in attendence. It was quite a good luncheon.

We managed to slip away to the side to work on the Machine. Meanwhile Alice had sat on the throne of Takara. in a move that was reckless, perhaps even for her and got herself transformed into some sort of automaton-construct thingy. Oops. I realized that we needed to clear the place out of wizards and other assorted hangers on and in order to do that I would require the help of a Gelt. So we approached the keeper of hidden knowledge, who it turned out had bet against me in the duelling. But, no matter we were able to convince him to assist us. Which he did by moving the party to his place. you can’t argue with results, as much as Varus would like to.

Chip then chose to break some rules and share with us some of what was going on behind the curtain as it were. It seems that we are one of a number of groups who are acting not only on our own behalf, but also to attempt to influence the pattern of the Gods behavior. At this revelation, Varud lost all composure as you would expect. He began freaking out about how high the stakes were now, as if they had changed in some way. After he had calmed down we were able to speak to Chip about what he had to tell us. Now we will attempt to do what we decided, and build the device for good or ill.



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