A Short History of Two Kalbs, A Bard, and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 54

The fazuku butzu compound seemed… prosaic. The only difference between this place and any other fort was the bureaucracy. Files upon files of items to be repaired and the quiet of a place with no one else besides us. Except for one. We had cornered the Builder’s construct, an amalgamation that looked like a perversion of the god-touched himself. We launched a series of questions to ascertain his motives, but it became apparent that it was just a puppet of the Builder.

In fact, the Builder literally took control of it and we had the strangest conversation where the Builder laid down all of his cards. Apparently his goal was to seal the hole himself and ascend in the process. In doing so, he would become a force “for humanity”. We obviously had serious reservations about this process, but the other options were simply not good either. The Wizards wanted to drain Maka of her energy and would allow the world to become ground zero to speak. The Dollmaker wishes for Maka to return. Of the others, we could build a pump to force back the Void and then hoping that Gelt would be able to save us if all else failed.

After talking about this a great deal, we put things to a vote and decided against the Builder in favor of the pump. Gods help us if we are wrong in that decision.



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