A Short History of Two Kalbs, A Bard, and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 52

The issue with winning in a duel is that there are rules. And rules are meant to be a gigantic pain without a proper lawyer. Makka’s Avatar was slowly making her way towards us as it finally dawned that we had not yet won. The dragon wasn’t dead and Byron hadn’t won. After much debate with the official, we reframed the battle as one to be done in the Astral. The Girl opened a temporary gate (thank goodness) before we went through.

Rules are a strange thing. When broken so consistently, it becomes a rule in and of itself. I watched Byron and then Leo disappear into a hole dug in the ground. Visualizing it ourselves, the rest of us followed. A new arena was being arranged and I couldn’t help but feel that this was a silly dream. What are we doing here? Then Cinnamon appeared and I felt myself give a sigh of relief. Cinnamon! I gazed at the tower and wondered…



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