A Short History of Two Kalbs, A Bard, and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 12

After seeing the Wizard, we retreated as fast as we could from the Jester’s Competition. Harrik needed to be warned of the dangers we were in. Unfortunately, we came across the beginnings of a riot where things were just beginning to grow ugly.

Things went out of control quickly. It seemed like many in the crowd were charmed or paid to start this mess. Then there were the guards who were far too organized and focused on their ‘job’ to be Goldcloaks. As the slaughter began I had to try stopping this madness. And so began one of my stupider acts of using Akhluts’ true name to try and disperse the crowd.

I blacked out. I came to tasting copper in my mouth. Also, naked and covered in blood.

Needless to say I was arrested along with my friends who had received strange visions. On the bright side we somehow managed to gain some time. Perhaps enough to avert the disaster that would turn the city slick with blood.

We managed to get out of there with some palms greased and made our way to Harrik’s. That was when my vision began to double and became overlayed with the nightmarish future of what was to come. Death. Blood. Slaughter.

The less of the specifics, the better.

Through some deductions, we managed to search for and find the focus for the ritual. A pebble left on the cobblestones of the streets. We began running it to the Temple of Caillech where it was detonated safely while the sleep-filled initiates moved outside.

We were given the opportunity, from a Risen of Caillech, to slay the arcanist. I struggled with myself then. My nature and oaths forbid me from taking this, but if such a person was responsible for this…

No. I couldn’t do it.

Afterwards we went back to the city with time ticking down…



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