A Short History of Three Kalbs and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 1

Where to begin?

Well, all important matters begin in a tavern. This one was called The Big House. I suppose ‘tavern’ is used loosely in this context. Let’s just say alcohol isn’t the only thing that flows freely here.

I arranged for a meeting with the three Kalbs Byron, Leo, and Raisa who were accompanied by a spice of negotiable virtue. My impressions:

Byron must have been dropped on the head as a child. I’d say at least five times given the number of personalities I’ve seen. There was something off-putting about him beyond his madness. Is he the one who is does not have…? Hmm, I will need to perform an augury.

Raisa is an angry young woman and a follower of Akhlut, Godling of Cold Wind and Darkness. Reminds me of one of the berserk from the deep woods out west. She has a good head on her shoulders. Makes me wonder what she could have been if the Kalb’s had harnessed and directed that intellect? I of all people know it’s a terrible thing to waste a black sheep.

Leo protests too much. He has obvious affections of being a dandy layabout. Yet, between the jokes he asks incisive political questions and is quick on his feet. Between that and actually having a somewhat rumpled humanity, I would gamble that Leo could be a great man if he ever moved past his fear of responsibility.

Cinnamon. I’ve asked around the Big House and she obviously caters to the more, mmm, exotic tastes. No one can offer up her real name nor does anyone really question the fact that she has a familiar. A familiar unaffiliated with any known divine source. Cinnamon follows Gijutsu. Strange for someone who professes to have no real causes… If there is anyone who is a good person at heart but lost, it’s her.

Joining them was a bumpy transition but a transition nonetheless. I had to reveal that I was a Seer of Aisling. Not unexpected, but I was hoping to practice my bullshit. Apparently they needed a free ticket into the Church of Aisling, so it all worked out. The High Priest could have just saved me the trip.

Of course, things weren’t so simple. We were stopped by the godsfucking Chancellor himself. He made a casual offer of treason in which we were miraculously not all killed. Apparently the Kalbs (and Cinnamon?) are under a Geas by the rumored-to-be-mad King.

Taking his hand, I saw the Chancellor’s death. Blood and tar. My companions guessed at a subtle enchantment or black alchemy that has taken hold over him. All the threads of his life lead to his death. Something we brought forward to the High Priest of my Church. A tentative thread, but more than what we had before to find the Enemy.

I end this journal while performing an exorcism of Raisa. First time I’ve seen Akhlut show his fangs this far north. Helping Raisa channel her chained god probably broke several divine regulations. Good thing we are in the Church of Aisling.

There is a big fucking black w



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